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FDA Low- or No-cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge

  • 1.  FDA Low- or No-cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge

    Posted 05-26-2021 13:05
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    As part of FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety FDA is holding a Low- or No-cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge beginning June 1, 2021 at 8 am ET and ending at 5pm ET on July 30 th , 2021 .   Who can enter: stakeholders, including technology providers, public health advocates, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all disciplines (not restricted to U.S.) Submissions include: submission form, video URL, solution summary What to develop: traceability hardware, software, or data analytics platforms that are low-cost or no-cost to the end user Challenge to solve: affordability of traceability technology For whom: primary producers (such as entities involved in farming, fishing, and animal agriculture), importers, manufacturers and processers, distributors, and retailers and foodservice Winners: Up to 12 winners will be announced at the completion of the challenge. While there is no cash prize, the challenge winners will gain significant visibility, including an opportunity to present their entry in a public forum hosted by the FDA.   To register for this challenge, click here .       Thanks, E.T.